It’s ironic, and pathetic, that most of these platforms are closed. Yes, I know, or realize, many also have a quasi-open model requiring one to leverage their infrastructure, but, you’d think at this stage of evolution in Tech, we’d be past the greed mindset of the closed model. I presume their argument would be either a matter of safety, as in, their particular model’s probability to be used nefariously, or, that it justifies all of their hard work and expense that they need to profit from.

In the past closed models, did any of the Tech proprietors not benefit from apache.org?

The greed model never ends I guess.

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Luckily lots of open models too: from Llama 2 to DeepSeek to Mistral/Mixtral. I think we should also not be greedy from the opposite point of view: demand gratis models from orgs that have to spend a lot of time and capital on creating them.

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